Heather Wiese-Alexander. Photography by Scogin Mayo

The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2008

It takes more than a pretty face to win this title.

Everyone has an opinion about who the beautiful people are, so it’s only natural that we turned to, well, everyone else to choose the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas. True, we solicited nominations through dmagazine.com and supplemented those with some women we admire. Then the D Beauty editors went through hundreds of nominations and interviewed 25 ladies to find 20 finalists. So, yes, we had a hand in selecting the winners. But, in the end, we have you, our readers, to thank.

Online voting lasted three weeks, and every week three women were eliminated. During that time, 76,840 votes were cast, and more than 14,000 of those went to Nanci Masso. (As an aside, when we called to tell Nanci she’d been selected as a semi-finalist, she thought we had the wrong number. So she’s modest and beautiful.) Nanci and the nine other exceptional women exemplify inner beauty with their compassion, charisma, and intelligence. And their outer beauty? Click the slideshow button above to find out.

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