Makeover Maven

Beauty expert Christi Harris chats about the perfect brow and her plan to take on the world.

photography by John Gay

With a makeup bag filled with more than 30 years of experience, Christi Harris knows beauty. The former model, who became executive director for the John Robert Powers school of modeling at age 20, has founded a beauty business poised for worldwide expansion. At her flagship makeover center at Galleria Dallas, women of all ages can learn how to look salon-perfect every day. Below, Harris lets us in on a few of her get-sexy secrets.

photography by John Gay

How did you get into the makeover business? I started out as a model and realized I had a passion for making women look and feel good. I wanted to help them realize their own potential.


What sets apart your salon services? We don’t just offer services; we provide education. We teach women to be their own stylists, so they can look their best every day. It’s a lifestyle makeover.

How would you describe Dallas beauty? We like to put on everything we own all at once! I’ve traveled to many different cities, and no one looks prettier than a Dallas woman.

What’s the biggest beauty mistake women make? Not exfoliating and moisturizing daily. You can put foundation on top of a blemish, but it won’t fix the problem. You have to start with good skincare.

How do you create the perfect brow? My brow planing tool doesn’t irritate skin or cause redness like waxing and plucking; brides can even use it on the day of their wedding. We work with individuals’ natural bone structure to create the ideal shape for each face. You’ll look 10 years younger!

Who is your typical customer? The image-conscious woman of any age who is frustrated with drawers full of products that don’t work for her. We teach the tricks and techniques that will simplify her life.

What’s next for Christi Harris? We just opened a Precision Brow Planing Bar in New York City, and we had an unbelievable response. We’re planning to expand worldwide within three years. 

What product do you recommend to help beat the Dallas heat? My crème foundation stays on until you take it off—through sweat, even through hot flashes!

What are some trends for spring? Fresh, moist-looking skin, pinky-peach for lips, and shades of green for the eyes—but don’t go overboard with color. 

What’s the secret behind your skincare line? It’s founded on basics and common sense. We’re all born with perfect skin, and my products were developed to normalize the skin’s natural process.


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