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How To Protect Your Hair From the Sun

We asked three Dallas superstar stylists how to keep our locks lovely in the sun.
By Devon Dlouhy and Whitney Wills |
Matthew Tully (left), William Carr (center), Kevin Charles (right)
photography by Elizabeth Lavin
Matthew Tully
Matthew Tully Hairdressing
2815 Allen St., Ste. 126

William Carr
WM. Carr Salon
3301 Oak Lawn Ave.

Kevin Charles
Kevin Charles Salon
2222 McKinney Ave.
What’s the best way to protect our locks from sun exposure? Shampoo as soon as possible. The main cause of damage is letting hair bake in the sun when there is chlorine or saltwater left in it. First, use a product line that protects hair from harmful UV rays. I like the Phyto sun-care line. Second, be sure to use a hat and sit under a beach umbrella. Kérastase Soleil has a variety of sun-exposure products to help you protect, repair, and enhance. Also wear a hat or a sexy silk scarf.
Dallas girls love
to be blonde. How light can someone go with her hair color?
Go no more than three levels lighter, and use two to three colors to add depth. To achieve a more natural look, hair should be lighter in the front and on top, and darker underneath and in the back. Lighten hair color based on skin tone and eye color. Blue-green eyes are best offset by platinum, ash, and violet-based colors. Brown eyes call for golds, reds, chestnuts, and light browns. Medium to fair skin tones are complemented by light blonde and red colors. Medium to dark skin tones are lovely with dark red and brown lowlights. Base the decision on your type of hair, natural hair color, skin tone, eye color, and lifestyle. You can always go dark or light, but stay three or four shades within your natural color.
What are your favorite products to repair damaged tresses? It’s not just the product; it’s the application. My favorites are Pureology, HydraCure, and Terax Crema. To apply, I shampoo hair, coat it in the product, and wrap it in a towel that is soaked in hot water and microwaved. I leave it on for 10 minutes, then reheat the towel and repeat for 10 more minutes. This should be done one time a week for damaged hair and every other week for not-so-damaged hair. There are some excellent systems by Phytology, Bumble & Bumble, Pureology, and Lakmé. We carry three product lines: Kérastase, Bumble & Bumble, and Kevin Charles Hair Care Line. You should begin conditioning treatments with an in-salon treatment and scalp massage prescribed by your stylist. One of my products is a split-end capsule that provides shine and protection. It’s my secret weapon when I style hair for the Oscars.
What’s your advice for keeping highlighted hair healthy? Use hydrating or moisturizing conditioners and leave them on for a long time while keeping your head wrapped in a warm towel. You can never damage your hair by putting too much moisture in it. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners. Use a deep conditioner with moisturizer and some protein twice a week. Before you swim in chlorinated pools, first wet your hair, then comb Phyto sun-care conditioner through it and cover your head. If you’re not using a product, wet the hair first, anyway. The damaging chlorine will not be absorbed as quickly. Limit your use of heat-styling appliances, and allow your hair to dry naturally whenever possible. Pat hair dry, because excessive rubbing with a towel will dishevel the cuticle, weaken hair, and take away shine. When blow-drying, point the airflow down the hair shaft. When finishing, a blast of cold air will help close the cuticle, creating more shine.