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Brett Shipp Says He Was Pretty Dang Good at His TV Job

Humility might not be his strong suit.

Matt Goodman will be along in a bit to report on the press conference that Brett Shipp held yesterday to formally announce his bid for Pete Sessions’ congressional seat. Till then, I’d like to point out three things about the candidate.

1. He has blocked me on Twitter. I can’t say with certainty that he did this because I made fun of his campaign slogan, but that’s my guess. I could point out that such a move indicates a thinness of skin that does not seem like an advantage for a political candidate, but instead I’ll just tell you how happy this blockage makes me. Before, I felt like Brett was ignoring me. Now it’s like we have a relation Shipp!

2. I spent some time last night on Shipp’s campaign site. My favorite parts are that he left his Oakleys perched on his head for this family photo and that he had the temerity to make this claim: “Brett Shipp has fought for the truth his entire career as the most decorated investigative TV journalist of his era.” That right there is quite some claim. I bet Tony Kovaleski would have something to say about it. Or, you know, Christiane Amanpour, if Kovaleski is too busy chasing down a story.

3. Thing is, this sort of lack of self-awareness might be exactly what he needs to beat Pete Sessions.