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Leading Off (3/3/17)

John Wiley Price's trial continues, an American bald eagle egg hatches on camera, and more.
By Staci Parks |

Defense: Feds Missed Evidence of Loans From John Wiley Price. An attorney for Price’s top aide, Dapheny Fain, presented evidence indicating that Price did not profit from Fain’s mail order business, MMS Co. The attorney said the FBI forensic accountant who testified for the prosecution this week did not look at banking records prior to 2005. Jurors were shown evidence of loans from Price to Fain that dated back to 2001. This suggests that the money Price received from his top aide was an ongoing repayment of loans. However, if this evidence proves true, it could damage the government’s case against Price, as a repayment of loans is not considered taxable income.

Pension System Overpays DPD Widow, Says She Owes $25,000. The 57-year-old woman, whose husband was killed in the line of duty in 1990, recently received a letter from the Dallas Police and Fire Pension system noting that she had been overpaid for the past six years. Now, she’ll have to repay for three of those years, totaling nearly $25,000. Kelly Gottschalk, executive director of the pension system, says the overpayment was a “human error” recently discovered during an audit. The woman did not alert the system when her payments increased because she assumed the system knew what it was doing.

An American Bald Eagle Egg Hatched On Live Video in Seagoville. While many have been watching (and waiting) for a baby giraffe, a camera has been fixated on two eggs at the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center. On Thursday, one of the eggs hatched. You can watch a 24-hour live stream of the nest here.

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