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Leading Off (9/7/16)

Presidential endorsements and psycho killers top today's water cooler convos.
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The DMN Endorses Hillary Clinton. On Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News ran an editorial with the headline, “Donald Trump is No Republican.” This morning, the paper published an editorial leading with the words, “There is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November. We recommend Hillary Clinton.” It’s the first time since before World War II that the paper has backed a Democrat. But will a newspaper endorsement sway voters? Read Peter Simek’s post on that here.

Susan Hawk’s Potential Replacements Revealed. Jennifer Balido. Daniel Clancy. Faith Johnson. Bill Wirskye. Messina Madson. Expect to see a lot of names thrown out until Greg Abbot appoints Dallas’ next district attorney.

Zeke Sorta, Kinda in the Clear. The Columbus, Ohio city attorney released a statement Tuesday, saying Ezekiel Elliot would not be charged with domestic violence due to “conflicting and inconsistent information.” Namely, bruises the ex claims came from the Cowboys rookie, may have actually been earned in a bar fight. Yet while legally cleared, Zeke’s incident is still under NFL review. And if there’s anything we’ve learned in recent NFL history, it’s that the organization takes even substantiated domestic violence cases super seriously.

Fort Worth Man Confesses to Killing His Own Mother. It’s an old storytelling trope: Make a character kick a dog to establish him as a villain. And then there’s the Fort Worth guy who snapped a dog’s neck because it yipped as he was smothering his 85-year-old mother to death with duct tape. Sometimes real life is so much creepier than the movies.

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