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Leading Off (6/29/16)

Tent city closes and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton offers an advisory opinion on Fort Worth ISD's transgender policy.
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Homeless Didn’t Get Less Homeless After Tent City Closed. Unsurprisingly, the shut down of Tent City in early May didn’t fix Dallas’ homeless problem. Large encampments have grown under two bridges since then. The city will shut down a South Dallas camp at I-45 and Coombs by July 19, and, most likely, one near Fair Park at I-30 and Haskell before the State Fair kicks off. Shelters are full and the wait lists for housing are long. In the meantime, “No Trespassing” signs and dumpsters are being brought in. My guess is we’ll be seeing the same story, different encampment by, say, early-August.

Area Creeps Going to the Clink for Hurting Kids. A Wylie man was given 28 years without parole on Monday for molesting a child younger than 6 years old. Also, an Arlington man was sentenced to 30 years for making child pornography videos with a 6-year-old girl. I know a federal prison guard. From what he’s told me, child abusers don’t do well behind bars. Even the baddest bad guys hate those who hurt kids. The three masked men who kidnapped this adorable 10-year-old in Oak Cliff for six hours on Monday should be shaking in their boots.

Ken Paxton Echoes Dan Patrick on FWISD Transgender Guideline Issue. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton offered an advisory opinion on Fort Worth ISD’s transgender policy, calling the guidelines illegal and saying that Superintendent Kent Scribner violated the state’s education code by not going through the school board first. Paxton’s big fuss: the guidelines say school personnel should only share information on the students’ gender identity with parents on a need-to-know basis. He says this limits parental involvement and encourages secrets. Scribner is working with the board to refine the language, while LGBT advocates are applauding the district’s efforts to keep transgender students safe.

It’s Tiki O’Clock Somewhere. Some serious stuff in the news. I need something stronger than coffee. 


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