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Dallas Still Safer Than Decades Past, But Violent Crimes Up in 2015

There's good news and bad news.
(photo: Ricardo S. Nava/Flickr)
(photo: Ricardo S. Nava/Flickr)

This morning the Dallas City Council’s Public Safety Committee will be briefed on the Dallas Police Department’s 2015 crime statistics, and naturally DPD is crowing (in the briefing packet) about how much safer the city is than it was a dozen years ago:

Unprecedented 12th Consecutive Year of Crime Reduction

4th Lowest Murder Rate on Record

45% Reduction in Police Involved Shootings

67% Reduction in Excessive Force Complaints


Police City Council Crime Briefing 1-11

Plus the bottom-line number, when counting the incidents that fall into the categories reported to the FBI annually, says that total crimes are down 0.55 percent compared to 2014. All of that is great.

Of course all of that glides over the facts that:

  • Murder was up 17.24 percent
  • Sexual Assaults were up 0.13 percent
  • Robberies were up 8.32 percent
  • Aggravated Assault 6.45 percent

While there were more of these violent crimes, nonviolent burglaries and thefts (other than auto thefts) were down, which is how we end up with the crime rate pretty much flat compared to last year.

Here are all the numbers:

Dallas 2015 Crime Statistics