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SAGA Pod/Learning Curve: Jim Schutze on JWP, inland ports, DISD, Miles, and reform

Once we get around to talking DISD, I start yelling, because I'm an idiot.


A JWP-heavy edition of the SAGA Pod. First, we talk to Dallas Observer columnist Jim Schutze about the biggest news story in Dallas in 2014: the indictment of County Commissioner John Wiley Price. Jim, who has covered JWP for three decades, talks about how JWP went from being a “ray of sunshine,” and “a very brave guy” — someone who “taught courage” to southern Dallas — to a county official under indictment. Jim tells great stories, from covering Price in the ’80s (the one about how Price would intentionally sweat on editors at the Dallas Times Herald is gold). He discusses how the money for votes has always traveled form north to south, and how Price wanted his cut from the minster networks. Jim tells about the time Price told him the reason “Our Man Downtown” always aligned with downtown interests vs. progressive, East Dallas interests. (“Because you’re a bunch of hippies.”)

For the last half of the show, we discuss all things DISD from this summer: We look at just how stupid the effort to fire Mike Miles was, talk about the cottage industry of anti-Miles folks, and look with hope toward the reform efforts targeted for this year in DISD. Also, I scream the eff word, because Jim wound me up, and I’m easily enraged.

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