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Leading Off (5/30/14)

A fire in Athens, a spelling champ, and trouble for UNT.
By Jason Heid |

Disaster Averted in Athens. A fire burned down a building that stores ammonium nitrate fertilizer, the same substance that resulted in the deadly explosion last year in West. The place is a block from the town square. Maybe that’s not the best location?

Euless Boy Wins National Spelling Bee. Technically 13-year-old Ansun Sujoe is co-champion, having battled another teenager from New York state to a draw. It’s the first time in 52 years that the event concluded with joint title holders. The judges had simply run out of difficult words with which to continue the contest. Sujoe’s final word was “feuilleton,” which is a part of a European newspaper or magazine that caters to popular taste and aims to entertain general readers. Which part of D Magazine is the feuilleton?

UNT Owes Texas $83.5 million. Apparently the university drew state funds it wasn’t entitled to over the course of a 10-year period to pay benefits and salaries. It’s unknown yet how much of that the school will have repay.

Water Company Padlocks Fire Hydrants. The Lavon Special Utility District took that step, it says, because of water theft. But the city’s police chief isn’t aware of any thefts, and the mayor and fire chief are concerned about public safety in the event of a fire. Firefighters are now carrying bolt cutters.