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Did You Know There Was Going To Be a ‘State-Sponsored Nuclear Attack’ on Super Bowl XLV?

Well, there was -- maybe. But honestly, probably not.
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I didn’t, but then I came across The Nuclear Bible, David Chase Taylor’s free eBook. It came out a few years ago, prior to Super Bowl XLV at AT&T Stadium. Like most things like this, it is sort of impossible to follow. It’s a big cache of stories and documents and suppositions and shaky connections that adds up to … something? It points to a false-flag attack (OBVIOUSLY) and it’s perhaps appealing to you if 1) you hate President Obama, 2) you hate the government in general, and/or 3) you are terrified of being a human person living in the United States of America. Or, you naturally assume that Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy is not fiction, but the work of a time traveler who has come back to warn us of North America’s impending doom and also to make a gang of money in book sales and film options.

Some of these false flag things have a glimmer of truth and others strain credulity to the point of gibberish. I feel that this one is in the latter category, but then, how do you know I’M NOT PART OF THE COVER-UP? You don’t. I might be. Maybe even against my will. Maybe my parents were part of a Kennedy-era plot to control the U.S. citizenry, and I’m a sleeper agent, activated by the word “krakatoa.” You don’t know. We’ll never know. Maybe the Illuminati knows, but they’ll never tell. They’d die first. We all would, for the cause.

Anyway, how I came across The Nuclear Bible: it was mentioned in Taylor’s author bio at the end of this post alleging that actor Paul Walker was killed by an Obama drone strike. Which … honestly, I don’t know where to begin. Why would anyone in the government want to wipe out Walker? Are there secret messages encoded in the Fast and the Furious franchise? Did Walker make a secret deal with the devil to be so handsome and youthful-looking at age 40? Was Obama mad that he wasn’t able to drive a Porsche Carrera GT? I guess what I’m saying is, if you want people to buy your stupid BS about nuclear attacks, maybe — and I’m just saying maybe; I’m no expert — maybe don’t waste any credibility saying Obama is using drones to kill Paul Walker.

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