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Tom Leppert Does Not Support Chart Westcott


Chart Westcott is the young man running for Dan Branch’s seat in District 108, which includes the Park Cities. Which is why Park Cities People noticed yesterday that former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert, who for weeks had been listed as a supporter on Westcott’s website, was removed from said list. The reason, as Westcott told PCP:

“I had a verbal confirmation with Tom that he was supporting me, but I sort of have a process which we go through over here before we list one on the website, and Tom had not gone through that process.”

I’m not sure what constitutes “verbal confirmation” — in person, over the phone, sotto voce while onstage — but it’s really simpler than that. According to two sources, Leppert was upset (and his wife was furious) that he was included on the endorsement list. So Leppert called his campaign and asked/ordered that his name be taken off the list. Which I guess is the new process.

UPDATE: After the jump, my email exchange with Chart Westcott re: this topic. (Note: I’ve got an email out to Leppert for his take.)

Chart Westcott:  Please correct your story with the below statement.  In the future, please pick up the phone and call me. [Number redacted] Our campaign has received no such request from Mayor Leppert or anyone on his behalf.  Tom expressed his verbal support for my campaign on April 22, but I wanted to make certain it was alright to list him on our supporters list, so I chose to  temporarily remove his name from the list until we talk again.

Eric Celeste: Looking at this […], it makes zero sense. Some more questions: Why would you think it wouldn’t be okay? Why would you take it off if he didn’t ask? He offered support, you said. You felt comfortable enough in that support — I assume you’ll tell me where it was given, in what manner, and to whom — to list him on your site, but suddenly — based on what? — you decided you needed more confirmation? Why? I’m happy to include your statement, but it currently offers no clarification.

CW: I talked to him in person on April 22nd, and he told me in person he would support me. Based on that conversation, I listed him on the site. As my campaign progressed, some people who expressed support for me asked not to be listed on the website for privacy reasons. I realized I had not discussed that with Tom, and so I chose to remove temporarily his name from the site until I could speak with him again. The campaign received no request from Mayor Leppert, or anyone on his behalf, to remove his name. 

EC: So you were never told he was upset? As I was told two weeks ago.

CW: I was never told that he was upset.

EC: Also, just so I’m clear: You removed the former mayor of Dallas for privacy reasons?

CW: No. I removed him because I wanted to make certain that it was ok to list him. As I said before.

EC: You said “had not discussed that” and by the sentence, I assumed “that” meant the reasons that others had asked not to be listed. Which you said were privacy reasons. Does “that” refer to being listed on the site at all?

CW: I removed him (from the website) because I wanted to make certain that it was ok to list him. You now have my comments and statements on this matter.