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Mike Snyder, Museum Tower, and the Expectation of Anonymity

By Eric Celeste |

Lots happened this weekend on the little radio show I sometimes do with Old Man Schutze. For the first time, we disagreed on a topic, and that topic is Mike Snyder. I think J-Schu is going to write about this in his column today or tomorrow, so I won’t try to summarize his take here. Suffice to say that he has an interesting angle, albeit one that disintegrates when caught in the white-hot glare of my omniscient mind tower.

More interesting is the guy who called in doing the whole “Ohhhh, you think DARKNESS is your ally?” thing with his voice: FrontBurner’s own Wylie H.! He weighs in on the role of anonymous commenters, why it’s okay if he’s anonymous and not Mike Snyder, etc. Also, Jim tries to out him but fails. I, however, reveal the true identity of Wylie H. It’s not who you think.

Listen and enjoy. Watch at your own risk. We are not handsome men.

P.s.: See if you can pinpoint the exact moment at which Jim asks a question that would have driven Tim to ranting insanity. I’ll reveal it later in the comments.