Tuesday, June 25, 2024 Jun 25, 2024
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Does It Make Sense To Tear Out Downtown Dallas Highways?


That’s one of the questions I discuss with urban planner/Tottenham Hotspurs fan Patrick Kennedy, aka WalkableDFW. Since Jim was somewhere making Tim’s head explode, I tried to run the little KNON show he usually pilots, with varying degrees of success. (I’m fine at the interviewing; the pledge-driving, not so much.) The highlights:

  • Patrick’s well-reasoned arguments as to why we should tear out I-345.
  • My failed joke to start off the show.
  • Wylie H.’s Bane voice for two segments!
  • Me bullying Wylie H. into making a pledge. (Which he did!)
  • Discussion about how much easier it is to take DART busses these days.
  • Watch me take a piece of ice in my mouth, realize I can’t crunch it on-air, take it back out of my mouth, and drop it into my cup.
  • Patrick reminding me I owe him a beer from a bet I lost. (Still haven’t paid.)
  • A discussion of what young people want from their cities, which I know because I’m young at heart.