Scenes from D Magazine’s Day in Dallas

From artists and socialites to civic leaders and athletes, D's Day in Dallas event pulled together more than 150 people from all different cultures to raise a glass.

On October 24 more than 150 attendees from all over Dallas came to The French Room Salon at The Adolphus Hotel to raise a glass to the “Day In Dallas” photo exhibit and the 20 participants. This “Day in Dallas” collaboration with Hance Taplin of “By Way of Dallas” featured the work of 20 Dallas residents from artists and socialites to civic leaders and athletes. They were asked to participate in a 24-hour challenge: document their ‘typical’ Dallas day from start to finish through the lens of a 35mm Kodak camera.

Thank you to our participants: Aelicia Watson, Arthur Peña, Augustine Frizzell, Bill Holston, Buthayna, Cao Tran, Chad Houser, Daniel Driensky, Dear Giana, Dwight Powell, Eddie Fortuna and Angelee, Griffin O’Neal, Jonika Nix, Joshua and  Yesi Fortuna, Lucia Simek, Melina Christofis, Dr. Michael Sorrell, Phazz, Shalissa Perry, and Sophie Lindsey-Gilles.

Special thank you to our program sponsors: Downtown Dallas, Inc. and Photographique and our event sponsors: The Adolphus Hotel and Angel’s Envy.


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