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Most Eligible Dallas: John Boerger

The hairstylist and fitness instructor shares what he likes most about the city's dating scene.
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Photo by Catherine Downes.
Hairstylist and fitness instructor John Boerger has lived all over Texas, settling in Dallas soon after graduating from Texas Tech University. The 30-year-old now works as a stylist at Lakewood’s Blow Salon and teaches fitness classes a few times a week at Beyond500. Armed with charm and wit, Boerger tells us what he looks for in a man, his go-to date spot, and his definition of a long-distance relationship. What three qualities do you look for most in a potential mate? • Ambition. I don’t care what you do, strive to be the best at it and don’t settle for mediocre. Don’t be a six-figure hedge fund manager if you hate it every day of your life. • Self-Awareness. My guy needs to know his strengths and weaknesses. He shouldn’t waste his time chasing unrealistic goals and dragging me along for the train wreck of a ride. He should focus on highlighting his existing strengths to make them even better and occlude his weaknesses. • Punctuality. Sexy, right? But seriously. I was raised to know time is important. In my line of work, time is literally money. Therefore, I know valuing someone else’s time is one of the ultimate signs of respect. Screw roses and a card on my birthday. The way to my heart is whatever road gets you to it five minutes early. What’s your favorite spot for a first date? I used to take guys to The Blind Butcher for dinner. I like a laid-back atmosphere, bourbon, and meat. It’s basically all of my favorite things. I’m still single, so I should probably find a new place … [aside id=”1″]

I would literally consider a guy who lives outside of 635 a long-distance relationship.

What’s the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you on a date? Laugh at my jokes. Humor, or my attempts at it, is a good defense and sometimes makes people feel comfortable. And in very rare occasions, [it makes] me more charming. Genuine laughs or even pity laughs (I’m not picky.) are very much appreciated. How do you feel about Dallas’ dating scene? Love it! There are great guys here! They are driven, take care of themselves, and since the city is growing by the day, there are always new, interesting people flocking to the Big D. What is your take on dating apps? In the age of on-the-go cell phones, they seem like a terrible necessary evil, like selfie sticks or putting #squad on any picture of you and no fewer than five of your friends in coordinating tank tops. If you could meet your dream person tomorrow, where would you hope to meet them? Anywhere close to my house. For real. I tend to get pretty lazy when it comes to any kind of commute. I would literally consider a guy who lives outside of 635 a long-distance relationship. What is the most fun part of dating in Dallas? The guys who aren’t pretending or trying so hard to have it all, have it all. They’re confident, attractive, sexy, and down for an adventure. Also, there’s so much to do in so many different, unique parts of town. We asked two of Boerger’s closest friends what makes him one of Dallas’ most eligible. “John is the type of person [who] can be spontaneous but also be planning something sweet and caring in the background without anyone knowing about it.” – Kyle Mead “John is blunt, which is a great quality to have when communication is so vital in a relationship. He doesn’t mince his words, so what you hear is what you get with him.” — TJ Griffin
Photo by Catherine Downes.
Photo by Catherine Downes.