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Why I Love Devonshire

Rallying to aid a stray dog symbolizes the community spirit.
Photography by Melody Asgari

I could go on for a bit about my neighborhood’s fantastic location. I could boast about its easy access to major highways, to Dallas’ airports, to a host of entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities. Devonshire certainly heeds the advice of that old adage that in real estate the key is “location, location, location.”

But I’d rather tell you instead about Devon.

Just a few weeks ago, a post appeared on our neighborhood’s NextDoor forum under the title “A wandering dog.” Part Chow, part unknown, he looked about a year old, was un-collared, and was moving aimlessly up and down the streets of Devonshire. Day and night, residents were unable to corral him, feed him, or even give him water. He was a bit elusive and seemed to fear humans. Concerns began to mount among our neighbors that the poor animal might meet his fate beneath some oncoming car.

Five days into “Devonshire Hunt 2015,” a tiny little blonde-haired girl walked calmly over to the overly tired and weary pup and matter-of-factly told him that he was going to go home with her. She was not surprised when he slowly followed her to the welcoming shade of the backyard. He laid down in relief, as if he’d been finally rescued by a fairy princess. This little girl is now affectionately known as “our little dog whisperer.” She promptly named him “Devon.”

In the following weeks, under the care of the little dog whisperer and her parents, Devon ate, drank, and slept under a swirling fan. Unfortunately, however, he also seemed to be in a lot of abdominal pain, had mange, and was possibly deaf. Medical exams, X-rays, blood work, pain meds, poop tests, and skin tests were all administered to sweet Devon, adding up to a bill of about $652. But the only thing that mattered to the little blonde dog-whisperer is that Devon would be OK.

Remarkably, but consistent with Devonshire’s neighborly compassion, a gofundme account was created, and $680 was raised to pay for the dog’s medical expenses. Thanks to the care and compassion of our neighbors, Devon is recovering and currently interviewing to find a permanent home.

This is a NextDoor post from the little dog-whisperer’s father, whom I would name if I had the foresight to ask his permission. It sums up exactly how we feel about living in Devonshire:

“Just wanted to thank everyone again for all the support, and very generous donations. We’ve always loved living in Devonshire, but it’s become even more special to us now. And a special thanks to [a local neighbor] — you’re an awesome neighbor, and all of your help has been very much appreciated. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Devon is a really sweet pup, and he seems to be feeling much better. [Our little dog whisperer] is keeping a close eye on him, so he’s in good hands. I think our dog is starting to get jealous.”

It is this kind of neighborly support and care that we adore about life here. If that’s not enough, our special “Pleasantville” community holds various family-friendly events throughout the year, such as an annual chili cook-off, a Fourth of July parade with sno-cones, bounce houses, and prizes for best decorated wagons and bikes, and a Trunk or Treat event every fall. These events are not only fun for kids, but they also provide an opportunity to meet and connect with neighbors in a free, fun, safe environment.

When driving through Devonshire, you may notice the police presence. Many of our residents are members of the Devonshire Neighborhood Association. We benefit from the dollars contributed to the DNA, which employs off-duty police officers to patrol our streets and keep them safe. Additionally, DNA members have access to off-duty police officers who are available to patrol their property and keep close watch over their homes while they are away.

Devonshire isn’t just a place to live. It is a quaint, safe, unique community comprised of wonderful neighbors in a suburban-like setting, right in the heart of Dallas. As you drive along the tree-lined streets, you will notice each home is as unique as our residents. All who live here contribute to making this neighborhood a wonderful place to call home.  

Alesia Coffman has lived in Devonshire since 2012.

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