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Enormous Trees in East Dallas Park Felled by Wednesday’s Storm

The rugby fields won't be the same this summer.
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I’ve got some buddies who play gaelic football, which is a thing I don’t quite understand but sometimes watch in a show of support for said buddies. It doesn’t take much effort on my part, really. Their home pitch is right down the street from my house. If you live in East Dallas, you probably know the park at Buckner and Lake Highlands streets as “the rugby fields.” Its proper name is Lake Highlands Park. This summer, shade there will be in shorter supply than usual. Yesterday morning’s storm felled four enormous cottonwood trees and decimated a fifth. On my way home last night, I stopped along with some neighbors to gawk. Those trees have been standing longer than I’ve been alive. They will be missed. Here’s another shot:Lake_Highlands3

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