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An Extremely Short Recap of the Just-Concluded Trinity Commons Luncheon

One thing is certain: these guys want a road.
About 300 people turned up for the event.

If you want more details, and you want them immediately, head to my Twitter feed. I did my best to tweet the entire Trinity Commons Foundation luncheon. It was billed as a celebration. Maybe I shouldn’t have expected much. But I got very little. The mayoral dream team of Tom Leppert, Ron Kirk, and Mike Rawlings fielded questions from Rena Pederson (Laura Miller couldn’t make it for health reasons; we were asked to keep her in our prayers). Here’s my takeaway:

The guys said nothing of substance. Pederson asked all the right questions. They did their best to dodge them and obfuscate. Leppert spoke about the need to be “strategic and not tactical.” Kirk got everyone laughing with a line about how it wasn’t that long ago that you couldn’t get white people to eat lunch in West Dallas even if you held a gun to their heads. Rawlings spoke about “tranches” and how the road in the floodplain needs to be “a hybrid road, like we’ve got hybrid cars,” because that’s how we’ll get it financed. (?!) Rawlings also said that last year’s rains were a revelation to him, that we’ve finally got a park design that “digests” that water. Finally.

The only thing I can say with certainty is that Leppert, Kirk, and Rawlings agree that we need a road down there — to relieve traffic, to create economic development, to serve as part of a comprehensive flood-control plan. And they all agree that Dallas is a great city.

Enough with the far-fetched plans and fuzzy logic. Stick with us here on FrontBurner. We’re about to drop some content on you. Before day’s end, you’ll have a much better idea of what’s going on with the Trinity and where we should be headed.