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The Trinity Project: Reserve Your Spot Now for Meditation

Saturday is the day. That's tomorrow. Get to it.
The Trinity after rain (photo by Tim Rogers)
The Trinity after rain (photo by Tim Rogers)

We hope you’ve enjoyed the series of 10 essays from Laray Polk over the past two weeks. We hope they’ve broadened your understanding of the city’s relationship to the Trinity River. And we hope they’ll motivate you to join Laray and gallerist Liliana Bloch and artist Marcos Lutyens for a guided meditation tomorrow at the Trinity River. This is kind of a big deal. A lot of effort went into bringing Lutyens to town to do this. The gig is free, but you need to register if you’d like to participate. Call or email ([email protected], 214-991-5617). A shuttle will drive participants from the Liliana Bloch Gallery (2271 Monitor St.) to a spot along the river where Lutyens will conduct three guided meditation sessions. It’s a five-minute trip. Blankets will be provided. The sessions last about an hour, and only 15 people will be admitted to each session.

Again, here’s the intro to the Trinity Project, if you missed it. And just so they are all in one place, here are links to all 10 of Laray’s essays:

  1. The Ancestors

2. More About Bones

3. The Shape of Time

4. The Gravel Belt

5. Snags, Strainers, and Manmade Obstacles

6. Fighting for Open Space

7. Q&A With a Monarch Warrior

8. Paths, Springs, and Roaming Rights

9. Characteristics of a River

10. Epilogue (Where Are We Going?)