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Podcast: Michelle Rodriguez of KSCS on Dallas Radio, Susan Hawk, and Her Love of Soccer

On how she got her start in Dallas radio.
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez, a DJ for country station KSCS, stopped by the Old Monk to talk to Zac and guest co-host Eric Celeste about how she got started in Dallas radio, the Susan Hawk saga, and her soccer fandom.

Some notes for your edification:

1. This episode is the third time that Tim hasn’t been on the podcast.

2. Twice we’ve run a most-adorable-pet-in-Dallas bracket tournament under the title “Survival of the Cutest.” I came up with that name, so I feel at least partly responsible for the curse inflicted upon our first winner — a beagle named Nemo — who died not long after taking the title.

3. Susan Hawk was sworn in as Dallas County district attorney on January 1.

4. Here’s Jim Schutze on Susan Hawk and lying.

5. Here’s Tanya Eiserer on how Hawk’s friends urged her to get help months ago.

6. What Eric was like when Zac made a wonky Trinity Watershed Management crack:


7. Here’s Chicago Tribune crime reporter Peter Nickeas on the effects of witnessing gun violence.

8. Tim tore into Tod Robberson here.

9. Here’s where Eric, in 2008, went on a screed about the new SMU football coach without realizing he was writing about the entirely wrong guy.

10. A 1988 KSCS promo featuring Terry Dorsey:


11. Like Zac, I’ve never knowingly heard Florida Georgia Line (not until pulling this clip anyway):


And this passes for country music these days?


12. The final dance battle of You Got Served, which scores 16% on Rotten Tomatoes:


13. Follow Michelle Rodriguez on Twitter @michrod



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