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How the DMN Misleads People About DISD

What sane person would volunteer for the school board?
By Tim Rogers |

You really should pop over to Unfair Park and read what Jim Schutze has written this morning about DISD and how the Morning News covers the district. He touched on this Friday. What the paper reported and what actually happened during last week’s board meeting are two very different things. Our own Eric Celeste has covered the same territory, breaking down in great detail how one trustee in particular, Joyce Foreman, is doing her best (with help from the paper) to gum up board meetings and get the superintendent fired. On his Facebook page, Wylie H. Dallas took note of Eric’s reporting, which led to a lengthy discussion that included Foreman herself. She probably commented on Wylie’s post a dozen times. Maybe it was two dozen times. I can’t give you precise count, because Foreman went back and deleted all her comments. But Wylie screen captured one thing that Foreman wrote:

Wylie, I did not know that you had cut and paste this information from Eric Celeste. I thought these were you thoughts. I must tell you I am not intimidate, threatened or moved by Mr. Celeste thoughts about me and other females on the DISD board. The record will show that his vinom is spewed only on the women. I will leave you with this…my loving mother use to say “When the enemy is talking about you, you must be doing something right.”

The typos and grammatical slip-ups can be forgiven. Perhaps Foreman was typing on her phone while running on a treadmill. But the sentiment — that Eric is a misogynist who has attacked female trustees — is hard to overlook.

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