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D: The Cookbook Wins Big-Time Design Award

By Tim Rogers |


The trade magazine called FOLIO: does this award thing every year in New York City, handing out Eddies for editorial excellence and Ozzies for design. If you’re not in the magazine business, you’ll just have to trust me that the Folio Awards are a big deal. Well, at a breakfast this morning ($350 a seat for breakfast?), it was announced that our D: The Cookbook took top honors in the design category for an annual and one-off publications. One of the other finalists in that category was a little organization called Time Inc. So yeah. Solid win for the team.

Congratulations to Nancy Nichols and Krista Nightengale, who wrangled the recipes, and to all the Cafe Momentum volunteers who helped test them. Huge high-five to Kevin Marple, who took all the beautiful photographs (and whose food photography you see every month in the magazine). But the big, warm, awkwardly long hug goes to our creative director, Todd Johnson, who designed the thing. Todd makes us all look good.

And you, dear reader with a hungry mouth? Well, that cookbook sold out. But you’re in luck! We’re making another one early next year. If we were a little more on top of our game, here’s the place I’d provide you a link to pre-order it.

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