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Totally Serious Analysis of the New Star-Telegram-WFAA Partnership

Hooking up is fun to do.
By Tim Rogers |


Zac mentioned the new media partnership in Leading Off this morning. I have a few more important thoughts to share. Here’s the way I broke down the move last night to Eric via text (minus some vulgar language): WFAA is the jilted girl in this deal. She says, “Oh, yeah, DMN? You’re going to leave me for Channel 5? Fine! The Star-T is totally hot for me.” The Star-T should be ashamed because it’s like the loser in high school who couldn’t get a date with the pretty girl until she got dumped by her boyfriend and went looking for revenge sex.

Eric had a slightly different take. He said the Star-T is the lame dude who waited till 2 a.m. at the bar and got to take home the hot, drunk girl filled with self-loathing. The Star-T is high-fiving everyone at school tomorrow. The Star-T is Farmer Ted.

You want proof that we’re both right? WFAA doesn’t even remember the name of the dude she hooked up with. In the TV station’s story about the hookup, it refers to the paper as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The paper is just called the Star-Telegram. It dropped “Fort Worth” from its name years and years ago.