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Last KNON Show With Jim Schutze Airs; a Nation Weeps


So that was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed giving up my Saturday mornings for 10 or so weeks, just so I could talk about city politics with Jim Schutze of the Dallas Observer. Alas, now it’s over. The ruthless overlords at the Observer have called Jim back to the mothership, where he supposedly will someday soon debut his own podcast. I’ve been thinking about doing a pod, too. If I can pull them together in my non-day-job hours, I’ll put them up on FrontBurner, once I figure out the logistics. Cristina already told me it was cool — although she DID agree to it very late last night at the Monk. That’s still binding, right?

Anyhoo, of course we talked school board stuff, and I go on another rant about 30 or 35 minutes in regarding the coverage of all the whole fire-Miles movement. You should watch. Or read Jim’s recounting of the Miles vote from last night/early this morning. Or just cry. I understand. It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Cue it: