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Dallas Jury Issues Record $4 Billion Verdict Against JPMorgan Chase

The lawyer in the case, Anthony Vitullo, is buying the drinks tonight!
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Max Hopper worked for American Airlines for 24 years. He gets credit for bringing the airline’s ticketing system into the digital age. When he died, in 2010, JPMorgan Chase handled his estate — but not very well, apparently. A Dallas jury has awarded almost $5 million in actual damages and $4 billion in punitive damages to his two children and his widow. Jo Hopper said in a written statement, “Surviving Stage 4 lymphoma cancer was easier than dealing with this bank and its estate administration.” This is the largest probate damage award in the history of the state. And that is why, if you know Anthony Vitullo, you should call him. The Hoppers’ lawyer is buying the drinks tonight.

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