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Bobby Abtahi’s Old Campaign Website Gets Hijacked

By Tim Rogers |

UPDATE: (2:01 pm) Yup, it got me in trouble. I’d like to make it clear that Abtahi doesn’t own that URL anymore. That was the joke. Of course I didn’t think that Abtahi himself had anything to do with what now exists on the URL that he once used when he ran for City Council. In fairness, I changed the headline of this post. Original item:

I suspect this post will get me into some trouble. But it’s Friday. So what the heck?

As Jason mentioned in the show notes to this week’s podcast, the URL that Bobby Abtahi once used when he ran for Dallas City Council now contains content that has nothing to do with Dallas or the City Council — but is far more interesting than any Dallas civic matter. I ran the Japanese text through Google Translate. Here’s what it says:

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