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Costa Christ’s Gallery-Centric Home Will Transport You to the Mediterranean

The Dallas-based fine art photographer utilizes his house as a canvas to highlight his bright and dreamy photos.
By Costa Christ’s Gallery-Centric Home Will Transport You to the Mediterranean Teresa Bruno |
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Costa Christ

Costa Christ’s Gallery-Centric Home Will Transport You to the Mediterranean

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Art photographer Costa Christ and his wife, Jackie, have framed every room in their Dallas home with photos from their own fine art photography collection. Relaxing beachscapes, negronis in Italy, a blue-scaled architecture shot of homes along the Santorini coast. 

Christ, who was born and raised in Dallas, says he and his wife love traveling. There are photographs of their international explorations all over the house. They’ve roamed far and wide for their photographs, with pieces from Italy and Greece. And they have plans for Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and France soon. 

So when the Christs began remodeling their home in 2015 (they finished in 2021), their goal was to emulate the bright and cheerful vacation feel of their photographs.

“We embraced a lot of color,” Christ says. “Our art is very colorful, and we wanted a home that is complementary and cohesive with the new art series—somewhere we could use as a gallery space since we don’t have one at the moment.”

Their upstairs bathroom is an all-tile geometric pattern, reminding them of a beautiful hotel they stayed in along the Amalfi Coast. Even the ceramic sunflower handles in the bathroom were purchased at a market in Italy.  

The Christs designed many of the rooms and furniture themselves, like their living room’s custom coffee table. But they needed some help. 

“We were missing layers. We were missing textures,” explains Christ. “The house felt kind of hard, if that makes sense.”

They collaborated with their friend—Studio Thomas James interior designer Jason Jones (who’s featured on the March/April cover of D Home). Jones helped them to soften the home, Christ says, through wall coverings, window treatments, color themes, and furniture design. “He helped it feel more homey.”

Of course, there’s still art everywhere. Each room downstairs features photography the Christs sell and offer in different sizes and colors.

“I love that you can peek through and see different pieces of art (throughout the house),” Christ says. “The art is really the biggest part of this story.”

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