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California Dream House: Save This Dallas Ju-Nel Original

Seriously, if you are looking for an architectural gem nestled in a wooded area, act fast.
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Courtesy of John Angell

If you buy this house I will buy you lunch. I mean Emmit Smith is offering dinner if you buy his house. So I guess this is a thing now. But I’m not selling this house. I’ve never even been inside. I just want someone cool to buy it. So lunch is all you get, and it’s just with me. Here’s why: The buyer of this house will be unconventional, I’m guessing from California, a nature lover, and probably reads books. So I like you already.  Your new home is a Ju-Nel. What does that mean? Stop right here and read about Ju-Nels, then return to this post for the back story.

Okay now you get it. Ju-Nels are originals for originals. The real estate agent, John Angell, who also loves this house, told me he’s had a number of offers for this gem in the Highland Meadows neighborhood, sandwiched between Northwest Highway and Walnut Hill. They’re mostly investors, which means short-term rentals. Translation: party house. Vrbo. Not great for the neighborhood. Obviously the house is perfect for entertaining (and remember California people, you already have one friend in Dallas, me, and I’m guessing John would also be your friend because he really wants 9023 Capri to go to the right people). So you’ll need a great space for entertaining us.

From what the seller says, this is one of the earlier Ju-Nel properties, of which there are only about 50 remaining in Dallas. The A-Frame is perfectly angled northward to allow for maximum privacy while at the same time preventing the sunlight from blinding you through the massive windows. I drove by to see it myself. Yes, it needs work. Landscaping for sure. And the kitchen… ouch! But how fun would it be to restore this retreat? After a long day at the office, or wait, working from home—now we’re talking—you can walk out and be with nature. Sit with a glass of tea and plan your menu for John and me.

Asking is $600,000. It needs probably $300,000 – $500,000 in restoration, but a 3,733 sqft Ju-Nel on .97 acres is a $1.1 million home. Five bedrooms, ladies and gentlemen. That’s why the buyer needs to have a California perspective—i.e. willing to pay more than market rates. Because to you this is the buy of the century. Give John a call.

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