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The 2020 Thrift Studio Designers Offer Their Tips for Spring Sprucing

The eight designers took some time off from preparing for the Dwell with Dignity fundraiser to drop some timely advice.

Editor’s Note: Since publication of this article, Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio has been postponed indefinitely due to the threat of the coronavirus. For a full list of cancellations and postponements, visit this page.

One of the year’s most anticipated Dallas design events is just around the corner. On April 1, Dwell with Dignity’s 2020 Thrift Studio will be unveiled, as eight of the city’s premier designers create shop-able vignettes using donated furniture and decor. All pieces within the spaces will be for sale, with proceeds benefiting the organization. 

But in this age of Home Edit and Marie Kondo, we should all know that before you show up and just start shopping, it’s always wise to evaluate what you already have. From there you can make room for fresh finds and spruce up your space to properly prepare for your sparkly new goodies. 

Below, the eight Thrift Studio designers have given us their tips for spring cleaning—or, if you prefer, freshening. And if you don’t take anything away from this, just remember a coat of paint is always a good idea. Drop by The International on Turtle Creek between April 1 and May 2 to shop the pop-up with a cause. 

Ashley Engles of M. Wilcox Design

“Decluttering is my favorite spring ritual. I love to do this with the windows open and the fresh spring air wafting through the house. I’m convinced nothing feels better. Decluttering the house and donating anything that no longer serves a purpose or brings me some sort of joy feels great.”

 Cathy Kincaid of Cathy Kincaid Interiors

“Paint your home in a new, fresh color. Make the trim a whiter white and add pale, clean color to your walls.”

 Leslie Jenkins of Jenkins Interiors

“Take everything off your bookshelves and restyle them with what you already have. It helps you think creatively while also feeling like you changed things up.”

 Josh Pickering of Pickering House

“Set a date for a dinner party. Everyone already has projects in mind, and there is nothing like a deadline to bring you out of the winter gloom and get the house in shape.” 

Lindley Arthur of Lindley Arthur Interiors

“A new set of pillows in lighter colors, fresh flowers for the coffee table and entrance, and restyling your coffee table with new books and accessories can provide new life quickly in the spring.” 

 Kerri Goldfarb, Mia Brous, Louise Marsh of MADRE

“Fresh paint goes a long way!”

 Morgan Farrow of Morgan Farrow Interiors

“Layer fresh flowers and potted plants throughout your home, it will brighten your day and give life to your room.”

Carolyn Isler of Twelve Twenty

“Fresh paint!”

Before you go, check out the gallery for images of Dwell with Dignity’s 2019 Thrift Studio.


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