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Hot Property: Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates’ Quaint Townhouse in Oak Lawn

The Bachelor in Paradise couple is selling their little piece of Dallas heaven.
By Meghan Lally |
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3800 Holland Ave.

Hot Property: Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates’ Quaint Townhouse in Oak Lawn

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Tucked away behind a row of lush trees and leafy plants is a sweet stone townhouse that sits cheerfully on Holland Avenue. Although far from the ocean, it’s still a little piece of Oak Lawn paradise—you can even ask current owners Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates to attest. We promise their sunny opinion of the property transcends the way they originally met. 

Finding one another on the 2017 season of Bachelor in Paradise, Adam purchased the property in 2015, and Raven moved in just this past year, proving the townhouse is a versatile fit for both individuals and couples. 

On May 31, 2019, Adam proposed, and with Raven accepting, the pair now has plans to move to Devonshire area in pursuit of more permanent roots, leaving this home ready for the next owners. And don’t worry, they’re not moving for lack of love. (And a reality show resume is not necessary to occupy the space!)

3800 Holland Ave. “It has always been a great area on the cusp of Uptown. You feel like you have your space, yet you are close to nightlife,” Adam says. “Once we moved in together and added a dog to the equation, we knew we would quickly outgrow this home.”

During his five years at the property, Adam loved it like most do permanent homes, updating the entryway tile, installing new hardwood floors, adding custom closets, and a custom master bath. Additionally, with the help of Veronica Valencia, a lead designer for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Adam and Raven also added a custom kitchen. They now classify it as their favorite feature in the home. 

So if we’re going to play favorites, allow us to present ours: even as a townhouse, where windows are limited by nature of the property type, light is not hard to come by at this place. The sunshine let in through the windows is assisted by a gob of ceiling fixtures and can lights that set the 2,198 square feet aglow and make it feel like a breath of fresh air.

And if you need a real breath of fresh air, the townhouse has something for that, too. Take a seat on the private balcony, which even boasts a removable screen.


Meghan Lally

Meghan Lally

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