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D Home Editors Share Their Favorite Stories from the Decade

From helpful home design to one seriously luxurious china closet.

A little stroll down memory lane, via the pages of D Weddings, D Home, and beyond.

Meghan Lally

Favorite Story of 2019

by Elizabeth Lavin

My favorite story of the year has to be “The Anatomy of Design.” I started this position in February, so it was one of the first features in which I really immersed myself. Although I don’t help on the front-end with D Home print, I am the one responsible for posting the content on Instagram, and this was one of the most exciting issues to roll out for me, and I’m thinking it was for our followers, too.

When I’m planning our Instagram feed, I try to keep a mix of color and room type, (i.e. if I post a dark and moody bedroom one day, I’ll post a light and airy kitchen the next, etc.) This feature provided so much visual variety all around, and it was a great tool to get to know the Dallas design community, having just moved from Kansas City.

Favorite of the Decade

Like I mentioned, I started working at D Home/D Weddings last winter, but I interned here during the summer of 2018. The night before my intern interview, I grabbed an issue of D Magazine off newsstands and checked into my hotel to finish studying up. “That Time My Hair Went to Therapy” was one of the stories I read that night. An autobiographical journey of one woman learning to give up straightening her naturally curly locks, the words hit hard considering at the time I was straightening my own curls daily. Fast forward a year and a half, not only do I go to the same salon as she did, but now I also wear my hair curly every day, and her words resonate even more deeply than they did before. This will probably go down as one of my all-time favorite stories—ever.


Sarah Bennett

Favorite Stories of 2019

Every year in our March/April issue of D Home, we take a peek into the art world in honor of the Dallas Art Fair. This year, I got to speak with artists, clients, and interior designers about how to navigate the commission process. I also loved our piece in May/June on how to take inspiration from gardens around the world and bring it home to Dallas. (You, dear reader, particularly loved my Jan/Feb peek into Caroline Ackerman’s luxurious china closet, designed by Tracy Hardenburg—and I can’t say I blame you.)

Artist Taelor Fisher, photographed by Elizabeth Lavin

Favorites of the Decade

As for D Weddings, this year saw a complete overhaul of our editorial coverage—intended to provide brides with useful knowledge for every step in the process. In order to pack in inspiration from even more real weddings, we selected 19 Things We Love from weddings of all styles. It’s just one of the ways we worked to include more weddings, more brides, and more beautiful moments in our pages.

Photo by Menary Weddings

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the D Home 100, an annual edition we launched for D Home in 2018. It featured a collection of 100 tips to care for every part of your home—with advice from builders, designers, and many, many more. We loved it so much that we came up with 100 new tips for 2019.


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