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Open Houses to Hit This Sunday

Visit a quintessential Lakewood home, or an opulent wet bar in Preston Hollow.

Do you like to home ogle? Do you like driving by houses and thinking to yourself, “I’ve been in there before; the indoor pool was quite appealing.” Do you actually need to find a new home? We’ve got you covered with several eligible dwellings across Dallas.

6122 Desco Dr. | Sunday, 1-3pm

desco drive preston hollow dallas real estate

The Neighborhood: Preston Hollow

The Price: $2,990,000

The Appeal: The best kinds of open houses are a feast for the eyes, both architecturally and design-wise. The art and wine-filed Desco Drive is the epitome of that idea. A real estate slideshow simply can’t do its wet bar justice.

5545 Charlestown Dr. | Sunday, 2-4pm

charleston dallas real estate

The Neighborhood: Melshire Estates

The Price: $1,425,000

The Appeal: This re-mastered mid-century home is built around a towering tree and filled with gleaming hardwoods, modern lighting, and sophisticated living areas.

6918 Pasadena Ave. | Sunday, 1:30-3pm

pasadena lakewood

The NeighborhoodLakewood

The Price: $1,059,900

The Appeal: This 1920s Tudor home, taken down the studs and filled with luxe modern amenities that blend right in, is pure charm. It’s quintessentially Lakewood, but with award-winning landscaping, a cozy, spa-like master bathroom, and an eco-friendly driveway.


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