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What You Can Buy: 8 Stunning Century-Old Homes

These pre-1930s homes, from an Old East Dallas Craftsman to a Fort Worth-based brick mansion, have stolen our hearts.

It’s easy to forget how truly old a 1920s-era home is, especially when both exterior and interior have been pristinely maintained. When searching for the oldest homes on the market today, these eight houses caught our eye as examples of impeccable historic preservation. A century’s-worth of memories have been housed within their walls, and we suspect they have much life left to offer their next residents.

3119 Oliver Avenue

Year Built: 1920
Numbers: 2 Beds | 1 Bath | 1,209 Sq Ft | $695,000
Neighborhood: Uptown
Why We Love It: This sweet shingled cottage would be perfect for a young couple, thanks to its Uptown location, sizable master bedroom, and snug backyard entertaining space. The quintessential white picket fence doesn’t hurt, either.

5533 Victor Street

Year Built: 1910
Numbers: 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2,246 Sq Ft | $499,900
Neighborhood: Old East Dallas
Why We Love It: The façade on this updated Craftsman offers a big, Southern-style front porch and a sunny yellow door. The interior is just modern enough, while still paying homage to the home’s history.

900 Alta Drive

Year Built: 1920
Numbers: 4 Beds | 3.3 Baths | 8,967 Sq Ft | $5,950,000
Neighborhood: Fort Worth
Why We Love It: This 9,000-square-foot Fort Worth mansion is gargantuan in every way. Patterned antique wallpaper adds visual interest to its sizable spaces, from a bold blue-and-white pattern in a master bath a bedroom’s pretty floral print.

204 N College Street

Year Built: 1920
Numbers: 4 Beds | 2 Baths | 1,698 Sq Ft | $424,000
Neighborhood: McKinney
Why We Love It: Original hardwoods shine under shiplap ceilings in this carefully preserved ’20s-era home. Custom engraved cabinetry adds old-school charm to the otherwise up-to-date farmhouse kitchen.

3816 Miramar Avenue

Year Built: 1915
Numbers: 5 Beds | 3.3 Baths | 6,955 Sq Ft | $4,795,000
Neighborhood: Highland Park
Why We Love It: A wood-trimmed ceiling and wall accents feel just right in this Prairie-style house, where amenities are abundant (game room, media room, cabana, et cetera) but never flashy.

1007 Moreland Avenue

Year Built: 1902
Numbers: 4 Beds | 4.1 Baths | 4,012 Sq Ft | $995,000
Neighborhood: Old East Dallas
Why We Love It: A true Queen Anne-style Victorian, 1007 Moreland was recently nominated for Preservation Dallas’ “Preservation Achievement Award.” Its teal-blue exterior and lovely trim ensure curb appeal, and the inside is as stately as you’d imagine.

3649 Maplewood Avenue

Year Built: 1921
Numbers: 4 Beds | 3.1 Baths | 4,958 Sq Ft | $3,495,000
NeighborhoodHighland Park
Why We Love It: Traditional and timeless, this nearly century-old Highland Park home is peppered with antique pieces that add even more character (like an oxidized sink in a side bathroom). The variety of lighting choices here (nautical rope lights, vintage tin pendants, crystal chandeliers, and more) are quirky, if incongruous.

5528 Willis Avenue

Year Built: 1926
Numbers: 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1,811 Sq Ft | $749,000
Neighborhood: M Streets / Vickery Place
Why We Love It: The backyard on this Vickery Place bungalow is like something out of a Nantucket summer home, complete with preppy décor, lawn games, a cozy cabana house, saltwater pool with tanning ledge… we could go on.


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