courtesy of The Pure Company

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The Pure Company Makes Air Purifiers Pretty

The women-driven, Dallas-based brand is the first to blend aromatherapy with air purification.

I never had an air purifier growing up, and the only people I knew who did had asthma or horrible allergies. Consequently, I’ve sort of just moved through life assuming I didn’t need one.

But this is a wild and reckless way of living. (That’s pretty dramatic, but truly, what’s more important than the air we breathe?) With the careful attention we all pay to the potential toxins in our makeup, whether our cleaning products are organic, and where our meat is sourced from, the air-quality of our homes should certainly receive as much thought. Whether or not you suffer from allergies, indoor air can be a lot more polluted than the air outside.

That being said, part of the reason we may have dismissed air purifiers isn’t that we’re reckless with our health, but because the machines aren’t exactly pretty. The function-focused, typically boxy products can be imposing to a thoughtful interior design.

Thankfully, the healthy home experts at Dallas-based Aerus Holdings, took note, and brought together a group of female industry veterans, including designers and product specialists, to envision chicer options. The new brand, appointed The Pure Company, launched this month with a carbon filter water decanter and two air purifiers (a large and a portable option) with a built-in aromatherapy feature, all designed with women in mind. “We sort of had an aha moment. Here was this group of women talking about a product that we actually made and marketed, but a lot of us weren’t even using them because they didn’t fit into our décor,” says Cortney Carroll, president of The Pure Company. “So we thought, what if we made it beautiful?”

courtesy of The Pure Company

The product designs are modern and subtle, and can even be customized with designer wraps (an aspect that sets The Pure Company up for future design collaborations). And while you can purchase essential oils directly from brand, the purifiers are compatible with any scent of your choosing. “We spent a lot of time with a lot of women, and the biggest issue we found across the board was a concern with odor in their home,” says Carroll. “A lot of them were using candles and artificial fragrances that are just not great for her and her family to be breathing at home. Essential oils are such a fabulous solution.”

All Pure Company products are available for purchase online now, so you can breathe easy.