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Open Houses to Hit This Weekend: Townhome/Loft Edition

From a timeless industrial loft with Uptown views to a Parisian-inspired State Thomas townhouse.
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2712 Hibernia Street

Do you like to home ogle? Do you like driving by houses and thinking to yourself, “I’ve been in there before; the indoor pool was quite appealing.” Do you actually need to find a new home? We’ve got you covered with several eligible dwellings across Dallas.

4238 McKinney Ave. #3  | Saturday, 1-3pm

The Neighborhood: Uptown

The Price:$975,000

The Appeal:  From the Mediterranean tile roof to the bright red steps, this three-story townhome’s exterior is equal parts cheerful and chic. Wrought-iron detailing on the (multiple!) balconies matches the winding spiral staircase inside. If you’re dreading the trek from the ground floor to the rooftop patio, you’re in luck—a private elevator awaits. 

2712 Hibernia St. | Sunday, 1-2:30pm  

The Neighborhood: Uptown

The Price: $743,900

The Appeal: In the heart of State Thomas, 2712 Hibernia’s cream-colored French façade peeks out from behind a shady, ivy-wrapped tree. A cozy fireplace and crown molding give off a homey vibe, but this townhome is anything but cramped—start exploring, and you’ll find vaulted ceilings, multiple bedrooms, and an office space.

1925 Cedar Springs Rd. #301 | Sunday, 1-3pm 

The Neighborhood: Downtown

The Price$1,999,999

The Appeal:How do you know you’ve made it big? When you live somewhere as enviably cool as this top-floor condo on Cedar Springs. Built in 1921, this loft is unabashedly luxe, with gleaming concrete flooring, industrial-style ceilings, and an out-of-service commercial elevator door—doubling as a sort of wall art—with a faint patina. To top it off, the space is currently staged with a baby grand and an old-school pool table. If you told us this is actually the set for a new rom-com, we’d believe it.

4342 Cole Ave. | Sunday, 1-3pm

The Neighborhood: Uptown

The Price$749,000

The AppealThis stone-covered beaut, unassuming-yet-polished, sits on the edge of Knox-Henderson. The interior, with dark wood floors, traditional fixtures, and muted colors, is standard, but the swanky bonus rooms are what makes this townhome stand out. Head upstairs to admire the media room, equipped with squishy leather recliners, or the gym space, which boasts floor-to-ceiling mirrors.


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