4200 Beverly Drive (left) and 5342 Wateka Drive.

10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas

Which of These Two Homes is the Most Beautiful in Dallas?

Help us decide! Please.

Just as the summer months have flown right by, so, it seems, has our Most Beautiful Home in Dallas Competition. Or at least it seems that way to me, who remembers the start of this competition, when 16 homes were contending for the title, like it was yesterday. But it wasn’t yesterday. It was over a month ago. Both Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have dropped albums in that time. A really bad show debuted on Netflix called Insatiable that I tried to hate-watch but it was just too terrible. And now, on August 20, 2018, there are only two homes competing for the Most Beautiful crown.

All of this is to say that life is fleeting, and Netflix should apply more scrutiny to its original programming. So take a moment today, stop and look around, do not watch the television show Insatiable, and don’t miss the opportunity to help us decide whether 5342 Wateka (a meticulously preserved Mid-century home designed by Bud Oglesby) or 4200 Beverly (a stunning Mediterranean designed by Highland Park Village architects Marion Fooshee and James Cheek) is the most beautiful home in all of Dallas.

Vote today, and every day through Friday, August 24. Thank you for your time.