A mural by Jeremy Biggers | Photo by Jessica Chen


You Can Now Furnish Your Home Courtesy of Sweet Tooth Hotel

Just in case you were looking for a furry pink bathtub or donut mirror to complete your interior.

If, while wandering through the Sweet Tooth Hotel this summer, you thought to yourself, That macaron side table would really compliment my decor, than that makes one of us because such a thought never once occurred to me. But now that I’ve noticed that you can, in fact, purchase that macaron side table (in yellow or in pink) and many more pieces from the candy-inspired installation (which will close its doors ahead of a revamp this Friday), I can’t help but wonder, Do I need a ring pop cactus?

You should know, though, I’m a bit late to the game on this discovery, and for that I am truly sorry. I’m truly sorry that you missed the chance to purchase the gummy bear chandelier. And truly, truly sorry the “Sweet Dreams” neon sign and interactive light wall are already gone. I’ll never forgive myself.

Ring Pop Cacti | Jessica Chen

But most of the pieces, each a beautiful blend of art and candy, are still on the market. Shamsy Roomiani’s “Cotton Candy Rainbow Confection Cloud” is still up for grabs. (Can you imagine that in kid’s room?) As is Jojo Chuang’s Cotton Candy Island, which seems like it would be tough to clean, but at $1,250, it’s cheaper than most kitchen islands — plus, art! There are both big and small ring pop cacti, a donut mirror, that furry pink tub so many people took pictures in, and, if you’re willing to shell out $3,500, you can own the stuffed animal wall in its entirety. The Built By Bender bros will even install it for you (for an additional cost, of course). Just think of it as an investment in your future parties.