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Inside Sean Lowe’s Revamped Garage

The Bachelor alum talks passing on his "handy" skills to his sons, and of course, his pick for the franchise's next leading man.

Sean Lowe is a great Instagram follow. He’s an equally excellent Twitter follow, but if you enjoy looking at cleverly captioned photos of Sean and his wife Catherine’s remarkably photogenic sons (for reference), Instagram’s visual medium is the one for you.

But Sean’s account isn’t solely images of adorable babies giggling (though that would be totally fine if it was). If you’re looking closely, the entrepreneurial, Dallas-based couple, by far the most successful pairing from ABC’s The Bachelor franchise, will occasionally post about their separate ventures, such as Catherine’s luxe stationery line (LoweCo.) or Sean’s new Vouch dating app, as well as recent renovations and redesigns in their charming Lower Greenville home. Sean was kind enough to give us some insight into their latest home improvement, a major garage organizational overhaul in partnership with Craftsman, along with his thoughts for surviving a Dallas summer with kids, and—of course— his two cents on who should be The Bachelor’s next leading man.

What were the biggest changes made to the garage?
Biggest change was the addition of the Craftsman Tool Cabinets from Lowe’s! They are the iconic black and red tool chests that make any DIY’er feel like a pro

What does your garage mean to you in your home? Is sort of a getaway? Just a good place to work on projects?
The garage has always been my space. I enjoy spending time in the garage, and it can be my place of refuge when the house gets a little crazy. It is definitely a good place to work on projects

Any DIY tricks for busy dads?
I’d say don’t be too quick to call a professional. You can view how-to videos on YouTube of countless DIY projects. Sometimes they are easier than you might think.

Do you plan on involving your sons in future “handy” projects? Is that a tradition in your family? 
I absolutely want to involve my sons as they get older. I think there’s life lessons in learning how to solve problems yourself.

It’s hard to think about working in a garage during a Dallas summer. How do you keep two young boys entertained in high temps?
Lucky for me, the heat doesn’t seem to bother Samuel too much. He loves hanging out with me in the garage, even during the one-hundred degree temps here in Dallas. He’s a boy – he doesn’t mind getting sweaty.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask, who’s your pick for the next Bachelor?
I didn’t watch the last season of The Bachelorette (new baby and all!), so I’m going to say Chris Harrison. I don’t think he’d ever do it but I think it’d be incredible to watch if he did.