3525 Turtle Creek Blvd 7AB, open Sunday at noon.

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Open Houses to Hit in Dallas This Weekend (and Monday)

You’ve got to see this glamorous Oak Lawn apartment.

Do you like to home ogle? Do you like driving by houses and thinking to yourself, “I’ve been in there before; the indoor pool was quite appealing.” Do you actually need to find a new home? We’ve got you covered with several eligible dwellings across Dallas.

3525 Turtle Creek Blvd. 7AB | Sunday Noon-1:30 pm

The Neighborhood: Oak Lawn

The Price: $1,499,000

The Appeal: If you’re looking for pure decadence and glamour, this is the spot for you. Located in the historic Howard Meyer Building, every inch of this apartment suite is intricately designed—luxe highlights include Maya Romanoff and Phillip Jeffries wall coverings, French Brown wood surfaces, and mother of pearl finishes. Topped off with a panoramic view of Dallas, this place is real estate paradise.

5638 Purdue Ave. – Sunday 1-3pm

The Neighborhood: Devonshire

The Price: $1,099,000

The Appeal: This Devonshire dwelling packs a punch. While the intimate interior is fit for your family, the air-conditioned room above the garage also makes the property perfect for a guest.

 7237 Meadow Lake Ave. | Saturday 2-4pm

The Neighborhood: Lakewood

The Price: $1,565,000

The Appeal: Fresh and ready for you, this Lakewood home was just completed on June 15. Slick appliances, shiny counters, and impeccable tiling create a chic backdrop ready for you to move in and make your mark.

2018 Lakeland Dr. – Monday 2-4pm

The Neighborhood: Little Forest Hills

The Price: $939,000

The Appeal: Take some time out of your Monday to check out this contemporary creation. With the clean-lined interior design complementing the modern architecture, your day is bound to be a little less blue.


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