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10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas

Introducing Our Most Beautiful Home in Dallas Competition

They’re all stunners, but only one can boast peak curb appeal.

It’s been more than a decade since we launched our annual search for the “10 Most Beautiful Homes in Dallas.” That means more than 10 years of canvassing the city, neighborhood by neighborhood, trying not to look too suspicious as we slowed our car by a particular stunner. And yet, it’s still a challenge to narrow our picks to just 10 each year. (It’s exhausting work really, but we do it for you.)

Today, we’re passing the torch to you, dear reader. We’ve done a bit of work to narrow 110 dwellings down to just 16, including the full list from this year, but the rest is up to you. For the next five weeks, we’ll pit beautiful home against beautiful home, March Madness-style, all in the name of discovering the pinnacle of Dallas curb appeal. Will the European-style cottage in Kessler Park win it all, or will Dick Cheney’s former Highland Park home, which just so happens to look like some sort of Hollywood producer’s lair, ultimately steal the crown? The choice is yours.

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