Candyland Red tomatoes courtesy of the Dallas Arboretum


Three Tomatoes to Plant This Summer

The Dallas Arboretum's gardening expert shares his favorite perennials.

When we think “gardening expert,” a few local green thumbs might come to mind, but Dallas Arboretum’s Vice President of Gardens Dave Forehand certainly makes his way to the forefront. Here, we’ll be sharing Forehand’s seasonal gardening tips and insight. 

I am often asked what type of tomatoes to plant. There are many varieties that grow in North Texas, and as Dallasites, we’re fortunate that we can grow tomatoes nearly year round. These are a few of my favorite types currently growing in the Dallas Arboretum’s edible garden, A Tasteful Place.


Candyland Red

As a 2016 All American Selection winner, this little tomato packs a punch and continues to set fruit through the heat of the summer. The tomatoes are about the size of the tip on your pinky finger, but what they lacks in size, they more than make up for in flavor.

Midnight Snack

This variety is particularly tasty in salads or eaten straight off the vine. The cherry tomato ripens to a stunning red with a beautiful glossy black-purple overlay when exposed to sunlight. This coloration comes from the accumulation of anthocyanin pigments, which also provide extra antioxidants. The 2017 All American Selection winner has indeterminate growth habits, meaning its vines will grow all season long.

Midnight Snack Tomatoes

Martha Washington

The heirloom, beefsteak tomato plant can produce fruit up to two pounds each. As the tomatoes ripen from green to red, a pink coloring will develop at the top of the fruit. The Martha Washington is the ideal T for your BLT.


Stop by A Tasteful Place to see these varieties and for daily tastings. Garden guests can also observe recipe demonstrations, performed by El Centro College chefs, on Mondays at 11 am in the Test Pavilion. And if you’re looking for fresh tomato recipes, we’ve got you covered.