Eddie Maestri and Adam Moore's quirky round house along Cedar Creek. / Photo by Par Bengsston

Interior Design

A Dallas Lake House Lookbook

Pack your bags for a mental vacation.

No matter how old we get, we inevitably lose ourselves in the festivities of summer. We sink our teeth into watermelon, marvel at the first sight of a twinkling firefly, and spend all day outside trying not to get sunburned. But nothing quite christens the warmest months like the first time you run down that wooden dock and dive into the glistening lake.

Of course, the first dip isn’t quite as satisfying if you can’t retreat into a well-decorated lakeside home to rest after a day of swimming. Today marks the first official day of summer, but if you’re still looking to give your lake house a lift, we’re here to help with a little inspiration from the waterfront dwellings of D Home issues past.