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The Serendipitous Story Behind Dallas’ Adorable New Plant Shop

Bishop Arts' newest store is as warm and welcoming as the duo behind it.
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Hannah Street and Bethany Mieth // Photo by Brandon LaJoie

The Serendipitous Story Behind Dallas’ Adorable New Plant Shop

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If you’ve spent some time on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably seen at least one adorable plant shop. An airy space that’s covered floor-to-the ceiling in palms, succulents, air plants, simple streamlined accents, and terra cotta planters. You can find the photogenic plant-focused boutiques all over the world, from clean-lined The Sill in Manhattan to D.C.’s charming Little Leaf Shop, but unfortunately, there is no such botanical cuteness to be found in Dallas.

Thankfully, longtime Ruibal’s employees Hannah Street and Bethany Mieth are hoping to change that. After a combined 12 years at the notable Dallas nursery, and with the blessing and encouragement from families and the folks at Ruibal’s, the friends are finally bringing their vision, Oasis Plant Shop, to life in the heart of the Bishop Arts District this June with one major goal in mind: To create a more approachable way for young people to fall in love with plants. “We really believe that there is a power behind plants,” says Street. “And we really believe that they can bring life to your space.”

Opening Friday, Oasis Plant Shop will open with pre-styled planters for the picking or the opportunity to create with Street and Mieth. “We want to know the vibe of your home, the colors of your home, and the style that you want to achieve,” says Mieth. The duo will even make house calls for house plants if you’re looking for a plant installation.

The shop is shaping up to be as charming as the personable duo behind it. Ahead of Oasis’ opening this weekend, we caught up with Street and Mieth to hear the serendipitous story behind their dream shop.

How did you two become friends?

Bethany: I had just quit my job, and I didn’t know what I was going to do next. My husband and I went into Ruibal’s to find house plants for the Deep Ellum loft we share. The first person I met there was Hannah. She planted up this pot and we just instantly connected.

Hannah: We were able to go deeper in that moment because of planting. When you have your hands in the dirt, it’s hard not get real, real quick.

B: We get the plant, get in the car, and I look at my husband and say, “I want to work there.” I followed Ruibal’s on Instagram, and they posted that same night that we were hiring. I was like, “This is meant to be!”

H: She came in the next day to apply for a job. Of course I had to make her fill out an application and interview, but it was already a done deal.


Did you always know you wanted to go into business together?

H: I had gone through about 50 employees, and for the first time there was another female counterpart that I felt could come right alongside me and grow this vision with me. She bcame the garden shop manager and I continued buying and our partnership began right then.

B: It’s like we’re on the same journey together. Everything lined up for this. I don’t want to sound cheesy but it’s true.


How did the vision for Oasis originate?

B: For us to quit a job that was stable and that meant so much to both of us, it had to be something that kept us both up at night. Something that we couldn’t wait one second longer to do.

H: I was lying in bed one night, and I was trying to think of what we were really trying to do. On a basic level, we’re trying to create a space for people to come and feel that life — something similar to being out in the desert and finding and an oasis. I just imagine this jungle. I felt really strongly that Bethany would come up with the same name.

B: Hannah started describing the store to me, and I just said, “Oh, like you’re walking into an oasis!” Five seconds later and we’re just bawling standing in the middle of Ruibal’s.

H: That story has been like one of a million for us. There’s just so much confirmation that this is it.