Abbe Fenimore worked her magic to update a Ritz-Carlton condo to suit the new owner’s “subtle, sophisticated” vision.

Interior Design

Inside a Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Pad

Rethink what you know about the single man's high-rise.

In our most recent issue, we featured a Jan Showers-designed former bachelor pad that — presumably — was significantly less pink before the renowned Dallas designer got her hands on it. Of course, we have no idea what that home looked like in its prior life. The term “bachelor pad” tends to get a bad rap, conjuring images of La-Z-Boy recliners, protein powder-filled pantries, or mini golf in the dining room. But Dallas bachelors have shifted our perception of the expression, hiring local interior designers such as Sherry Hayslip and Doniphan Moore to transform their high-rise homes.

Our latest glimpse inside an actually-cool bachelor’s retreat comes courtesy of Studio Ten 25’s Abbe Fenimore, who worked her magic to update a Ritz-Carlton condo to suit the new owner’s “subtle, sophisticated” vision. Fenimore was familiar with the space, having worked with its previous owner (a project that earned the designer a spot in our ‘Life in Color’ feature back in 2014). In lieu of the bold red and black leather stripes that punctuated the bedroom, the condo’s new resident opted to come home to a more soothing palette of greys and a rich navy blue, which Fenimore paired with masculine textures such as wool, velvet, and a classic pinstripe. “He wanted a space that felt sophisticated, but had a cozy feel that allowed for laid back weekends since his travel schedule keeps him on the go,” says Fenimore.

Fenimore doesn’t shy away from patterns and bold prints. Domino, arguably the most color-loving of all home and garden publications, once featured this Fenimore-designed Dallas townhome that manages to blends everything from butterfly wallpaper and banana leaf fabric to leopard print and still feel cohesive. Even her design for dogs is bold.

Fortunately, her bachelor client gave Fenimore the room to play around with textures and patterns. “Even though he wanted it to feel warm, sophisticated and masculine, I was able to mix it up a bit by adding unique elements,” says Fenimore. A few of her favorite items include selections of “The Book Collection” from Natural Curiosities, which added a touch of color, and Kimberly McDonald’s agate throw pillows, which she sourced from Forty Five Ten For Home.

Click through our slideshow for a tour of the bachelor-approved Ritz residence, where the design is as eye-catching as the view.