Photo by Laura Wilson


Save the Date for Free Highland Park Village Carriage Rides

You heard us.

When I was an undergrad at SMU, nothing looked more festive than a Highland Park Village sleigh ride. The twinkly lights adorning the shopping center, the Cinderella carriage, and the horses (Where did they come from? Where do they go?); they felt so classic and nostalgic. But they also started at around $250 a ride, which was a tall monetary order when you’re studying for finals.

Well, dear undergraduate readers (or anyone who digs a freebie), this announcement is for you. On Wednesday, December 13, Highland Park Village is switching things up by hosting their monthly Local market after sundown. A bevy of local vendors and Santa will be there, along with live music (!), English bulldog puppies (!!), and free carriage rides (!!!!!!).

The festivities run from 5 to 8pm. We suggest getting there early.