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Hot Property: T. Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch

It’s one of the country’s most expensive properties on the market.

By now, you probably know that T. Boone Pickens is selling his 65,000-acre ranch in the Texas Panhandle. Maybe you read Tim Rogers’ story, in which he wonders why a man who spent 50 years investing in his dream home (which also encompasses his transplanted childhood home) wouldn’t choose to live out his twilight years there. Perhaps you followed it up with Kathy Wise’s thoughtful response, which reminds us that Pickens plans to donate the proceeds from the ranch to his foundation. Or maybe you read about it in the Wall Street Journal. That’s fair.

You might be wondering why we would even be writing yet another post about the legendary Mesa Vista Ranch. But today is a Tuesday, and on Tuesday we write about properties that are “hot,” and what could be better at reaching scalding, don’t-touch-this-hot-plate-we-just-put-in-front-of-you levels of warmth than one of the country’s most expensive homes on the market?

So yeah, we’re going to talk about Mesa Vista Ranch again, but this time we have a lot of photos. Photos of the private airfield, a stunning wine cellar, an elegant library, and a plaid-filled bedroom. There are a variety of shots that give you a good feel for the man-made streams and lakes Pickens added to expand the area’s valuable water resource for wildlife. We even have a photo of some quails that we debated including, but Pickens considered Mesa Vista Ranch to offer the “world’s best quail hunting” and they’re cute so we kept it.

T. Boone Pickens

Enjoy your virtual visit to Pickens’ sprawling oasis. If you feel passionately about conserving it, and happen to have half a quarter of a billion dollars on hand, you may one day be able to call it home. Quails included.