Photo by Lauren Kazemba.


The Property Brothers Talk Dallas’ Hot Market

And give their best advice to those looking to sell.

Not one but two of America’s favorite HGTV faces graced the stage at the Renaissance Hotel on October 3 to celebrate MetroTex Association of Realtors 100th anniversary. Jonathon and Drew Scott, better known as the “Property Brothers,” sat down with D Home to talk Dallas’ hot market.


What trends are you seeing in home makeovers right now?

JS: Color is back. People are getting out of the taupe and grey colors and back into nice pops of color. Whether they’re doing something like two-toned cabinets or using two different materials for your countertops, they are adding pops of interest in every space.
DS: Specialty and multi-purpose rooms are a huge trend in home makeovers. It’s nice to see there is a focus being put back on family and the time you can spend together while having an environment that will foster that.


What are the biggest mistakes buyers make?

DS: Buyers need to make a list of everything you want. Then, divide the list up into must-haves and what you could live without. A lot of people hastily jump into looking at houses and they haven’t thought about their future or current income situation. Be realistic. These days, people move every three to five years, which is nuts. Get a house that you can grow into.


What about sellers?

JS: Sellers think, “Oh, the market’s been hot, therefore I’m going price my house really high.” All sellers are doing is pricing themselves out of the market. In reality, the peak time for a house to sell is only the first couple of weeks of being on the market. If you price your home high and then try to reduce the price to follow the market, you are not doing yourself any favors.

How can sellers overcome some of those challenges?

DS: Take the emotion out of selling a home. Every house will sell if it is priced right. There are only really three things that will affect whether a house will sell: A problem with the neighborhood, which in most cases that is not the issue; A problem with the house, which simple renovations can fix; Or it’s a problem with the price. It is great to bring in professionals, because they are fresh eyes on your house.
JS: People never admit that they are the problem when trying to sell their house. When you are house hunting, neighbors are a great tool. If you want to find an issue with a home that’s for sale, ask all the neighbors, and they’ll tell you every problem with the house that there has ever been.


What’s your advice for readers looking to sell?

JS: Don’t look at home magazines or the shows on HGTV and think that it is unattainable. There are a million things you can do to improve your home that don’t cost much. Improving your home is a great bonding experience for couples or families. You would be amazed at how much kids love to be hands-on in the renovating process. Look at improving your home as a way to create memories for the family while also as a way to create an inspirational space.
DS: Every room should have a feature. I love it when a feature is a conversation piece. It could be decor, or a piece of art, or even a nice breakfast table.


What are we likely to see in Dallas’ market in the upcoming year?

DS: There are a lot of millennials buying, especially in Dallas. It’s nice to see that people are planning ahead and are able to get into real estate at a younger age. It’s nice to see people starting their financial success very young.


The Scott brothers are the authors of the New York Times 2016 bestseller “Dream Home” and “It Takes Two: Our Story.”


Lauren Kazemba is a D Home editorial intern.