How Bird Bakery’s Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Celebrates Halloween

The multihyphenate talks sugar regulation and bakeoffs with her husband.

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer is many things. To name a few, she’s a television host and journalist. She’s wife to actor Armie Hammer, who may very well win an Oscar next year. She’s the founder of the extremely photogenic Bird Bakery in Highland Park Village. She’s also an incredible Instagram follow.

So, as we’re wont to do with any aspirational Dallas dweller, we were interested to see how Chambers Hammer — she of perfect hair and excellent monster cookie recipe — does the holidays with her two little ones, Harper and Ford. So we can all attempt a perfectly Chambers Hammer Halloween.


What are your favorite treats to make with your kids for Halloween?

We love to make caramel apples and of course, Bird Bakery cookies! To make the sugar cookies extra special, we decorate seasonal shapes with fun and festive colors and use seasonal M&Ms in our Monster Cookies. Decorating cookies is one of Harper’s favorite things to do and one of my fondest memories growing up.

We now offer children’s holiday cookie decorating classes at the bakery so that everyone can have the experiences that we love and cherish.

Chambers Hammer and Nasiba Adilova at The Tot’s Halloween Cookie Decorating party on Sunday.

What’s your stance on Halloween candy intake? Do you take any cues from your childhood?  

I’m the oldest of four siblings and growing up, we took our Halloween candy very seriously. After collecting as much as we possibly could, we would meet and lay out the haul to that we could make the appropriate trades. After what felt like hours of negotiations, when all parties were satisfied, we turned it over to my mom, so she could regulate the sugar consumption.

We could have a few pieces a night, but later found out that my dad was taking a bit off the top from all of our stashes. Now we know why it didn’t last as long as it should have!

Any Halloween traditions your family always keeps?

We always carve pumpkins a few nights before and love to bake the seeds, trying different spice recipes. My husband and I become very competitive with our spice blends.