Brian Bolke and Rob Dailey. Bolke is standing. Photo by Samantha Beatty.


Brian Bolke Steps Down as President of Forty Five Ten

The co-founder is moving on after 17 years with the luxury retailer.

For many, the name Forty Five Ten is synonymous with Brian Bolke. Although the retail savant announced in an email memo Friday afternoon (as first reported by the Dallas Morning News) that he’d be stepping back as president of the luxury retailer, he (along with his co-founder Shelley Musselman) likely always will be tied to the luxury store.

According to the DMN, Bolke will be taking a consulting role with Headington Companies, to which he sold Forty Five Ten to three years ago, leaving five stores (For Home, TTH, and Forty Five Ten in Dallas, Houston, and Napa Valley) to a talented team that includes vice president of creative and fashion director Taylor Tomasi Hill, men’s fashion director Nick Wooster, and Forty Five Ten’s home creative director Rob Dailey.

 We’ve reached out to Forty Five Ten for more information and will update once they respond.



  • BB

    Hey get the story straight …. Bloke & Musselman did not together found Forty Five Ten. Bill Mackin was the creator and Brian was his boy friend at the time. Bill came up with the whole idea and design. Shelly came in and together her and Brian actually push Nill Mackin out . He was beside himself after all he had created. He went back to Neiman’s asking for a job which they created. Forty Five Ten was his ” baby” that was stolen from him.
    To take someone else’s dream and reality say you did it is like a theif.
    Taking a the credit and stealing ones ideals is not f high standards.
    But Karma has its rewards and down Falls both ways. Shelley is dead. What goes around comes around.